RoxyAnn Winery

Project Type: Brand and packaging re-stage

Appellation: Rogue Valley, Oregon
Key Varietals: Claret, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris 

Price Points:
Red Wines - $20-40
White Wines - $15-$25



RoxyAnn Winery is a family-owned winery and 65-acre vineyard estate located near Medford, Oregon. Owners the Parsons family have been farming this same land since 1898. Upon founding the winery in 2002 the brand name RoxyAnn was chosen in reference to a local geographic landmark, Roxy Ann Peak, named for a mid-19th-century settler, Roxy Ann Bowen. Production increases in 2010 to approximately 15K cases were not matched by expected increases in market demand, leading to a reevaluation of all sales and marketing strategies, including brand identity and package design. Although the wines have received solid high-80's and occasional 90+ scores from regional and national publications, consumer recognition for the Rogue Valley AVA is limited outside Oregon state lines, making broader national distribution a challenge and more evocative branding a critical need. (Previous label shown here.)


Define and clarify new luxury brand identity and create high-end packaging appropriate to the brand's $20+ retail price position, based on quality, sense of place, authenticity and heritage. Increase product shelf presence in the retail environment. Incorporate story and imagery around Roxy Ann Bowen into the branding, while also reinforcing an estate-based proposition linking the historic 1850's woman with 19th century family ownership of land near where she lived.


Primary challenge was resolving a brand identity conflict between generations of male Parsons family pioneers, starting with founder Reginald Parsons, and the overtly feminine brand name RoxyAnn Winery. The client was hesitant about using any image of the historic Roxy Ann Bowen given her lack of connection with their actual winemaking and family story.


After several rounds of design exploration, a suitable female likeness of Roxy Ann Bowen was created and accepted by the client as brand icon. Combining the new icon with a more refined brand logo face gave the brand a clear sense of purpose in the eyes of consumers that had been lacking in previous package design, and could convey an more optimal mix of authenticity, historic place in time and feminine elegance. Secondary graphic elements both on the label and the capsule fell into place easily once the branding direction was accepted. The RoxyAnn package combines a strong and integrated brand logo with graphic icon, supplemented by rich texturing and subtle quality cues associated with wines above $20 retail. As of this writing, new packaging release is planned for early summer of 2015.

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